How to say "I love you" in popular languages

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This page shows how to say "I love you" in some of the most popular languages of the world. You can learn how to express your warm feelings and passion either formally or informally in various situations. Click on an phrase for additional translations, pronunciation, and grammar notes when available.

Say in...           I love youPronunciation
Chinese我爱你[wo3 ai4 ni3]
FrenchJe t'aime.[zhoo tehm]
GermanIch liebe dich.[ikh leebeh dikh]
ItalianTi amo.[tee ah-moh]
Japanese好きです[suki desu]
RussianЯ тебя люблю.     [yah tee-BYAH lyoo-BLYOO]
SpanishTe Amo.[teh ah-moh]

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