Greetings in French language

Learn how to say common greeting phrases in French.


Below are some basic greetings in French. Click on an English phrase for additional translations into French, pronunciation, and grammar notes if available.

French greeting        English translation
Bonjour! Hello!
Salut! Hi!
Bonjour! Good morning.
Bon apres-midi! Good afternoon.
Bonsoir! Good evening.
Bon nuit! Good night!
Comment allez-vous? How are you?
Ravi de te voir! Nice to see you.
Comment ça va? How are things?
Bien, merci. I'm fine, thanks.
Ça va. I'm fine.
Quoi de neuf? What's new?
Et toi? How about you?
Rien de spécial. Nothing special.
Chère Natasha… Dear Natasha...
Сher Sergei… Dear Sergei...
Bienvenue! Welcome!
Ça boume? What's up?
Bonjour! How do you do?
J'aimerais vous rencontrer. I would like to meet you.
Comment ca va? How is it going?
Je vais assez bien. I'm OK.
Je vais bien, merci, et vous? I'm well, thanks, and you?

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