Spanish Vocabulary

Increase your Spanish vocabulary with these vocabulary lists and lessons.

Spanish Greetings
Everything you need to know to meet and greet in Spanish.

Getting Directions in Spanish
Learn how to say expressions for transport and directions in Spanish.

Dealing with Authorities in Spanish language
Learn useful vocabulary to talk to police, lawyers, consulates and embassies.

Spanish phrases for Bars and Clubs
Learn how to order a drink or a snack in Spanish language

Basic Spanish words and phrases
Learn how to say hello, thank you, welcome, goodbye in Spanish language

How to tell time in Spanish
Learn expressions for telling time in Spanish language

Colors in Spanish Language
Learn the names of the colors in Spanish, from pink to blue and beyond.

Days of the Week in Spanish
Learn the names for the days of the week in Spanish.

Driving and Gas Stations in Spanish
Spanish words useful when driving around and fuel.

Expressing Duration in Spanish
Spanish terms for telling how long something lasts.

Restaurants and Dining in Spanish
Learn Spanish phrases for dining and ordering food in a restaurant.

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