Spanish phrases for Bars and Clubs

Learn how to order a drink or a snack in Spanish language


When you are in a Spanish-speaking country and it's your night out with the guys, you might want to have a phrase or two handy for the situation. This page lists some very good phrases that will help you out on your way to the bar. Whether you want to order a beer, a glass or red wine, a shot of whiskey or simply a glass of water, this page has a phrase you need. Click on the English translation to get access to the pronunciation and alternative translations of a Spanish phrase if available.

Spanish phrase        English translation
¿Hay alcohol? Do you serve alcohol?
¿Hay servicio a la mesa? Is there table service?
Una cerveza, por favor. A beer, please.
Dos cervezas, por favor. Two beers, please.
Un vaso de vino tinto, por favor. A glass of red wine, please.
Un vaso de vino blanco, por favor. A glass of white wine, please.
Whisky con Coca-Cola. Whisky and coke, please.
ron rum
agua water
agua tónica tonic water
zumo de naranja orange juice
jugo de naranja orange juice
Coca-Cola Coke
¿Tiene algo para picar? Do you have any bar snacks?
Otro … , por favor. One more, please.
Otra ronda, por favor. Another round, please.
¿Cuándo cierran? When is closing time?
Una jarra de cerveza A pint of beer.
Una botella. A bottle.

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