Basic Spanish words and phrases

Learn how to say hello, thank you, welcome, goodbye in Spanish language


Just starting to learn Spanish? This page has a few phrases to help you get started with you Spanish language studies. Learn the basic Spanish terms and phrases, including how to say hello, goodbye, thank you, welcome and many other expressions. Click on the English phrase to get access to the pronunciation and usage comments for the Spanish phrases if available.

Spanish phrase        English translation
Qué es esto? What is that?
Mal. Bad.
No se preocupe. Don't worry.
Con permiso Excuse me.
Aquí. Here.
Yo tengo veinte y uno años. I am 21 years old.
Lo siento. I'm sorry.
¡Vamos! Let's go!
Señorita Martinez. Miss Martinez.
Señorita. Miss.
Señor Gonzales. Mister Gonzales.
Señor Mister.
Señora Gonzales. Mrs Gonzales.
Señora. Mrs.
Claro que sí. Of course.
Perdón. Pardon.
Por favor. Please.
Igualmente. Same here.
Muy mal. Very bad.
Muy bien. Very good.
De nada. You're welcome.

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