Driving and Gas Stations in Spanish

Spanish words useful when driving around and fuel.


These words and phrases will help you to rent a car and understand such terms as gas station, speed limit, and one-way road. Click on the English phrase to get access to the pronunciation and usage comments for the Spanish words if available.

Spanish phrase        English translation
Quiero alquilar un coche. I want to rent a car.
¿Puedo contratar un seguro? Can I get insurance?
dirección única One way
no aparcar , no estacionar No parking
límite de velocidad Speed limit
velocidad máxima Speed limit
gasolinera Gas station
estación de bencina Gas station
estación de servicio Gas station
gasolina gas
bencina gas
nafta gas
gasóleo Diesel
diésel Diesel
¿Tienes una licencia de manejo? Do you have a driver's license?
El conductor aceleró el coche. The driver accelerated his car.
El conductor aceleró. The driver increased his speed.
Cuanto más bebas, menos cuidadoso serás. The more you drink, the less careful you will be.
El puente está en construcción. The bridge is under construction.

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